Crib Point Community House

For mind body and spirit

Does your creativity need a jump-start, inspiration, feedback or encouragement?
Does your body need a push, coaxing or coaching?
Does your spirit need soothing, rejuvenating, stimulating?
Were you aware that easy walking could lead to jazz or tap dancing or even, oddly enough, patchwork mosaics or lead lighting?
Ever think that someone you meet in an art class might also share your interest in living with angels, playing billiards or restoring furniture?

No? In that case you probably had not guessed you could:

  • make new friends through cake decorating
  • see the world through book groups or writing classes
  • find yourself through folk art or sculpture
  • discover that anyone can sing, when no one cares whether you can or not

If any of this is news to you, then you obviously have not been to the Crib Point Community House, because all of this , and more , goes on there and at other Community Houses all the time.

The House, in Park Road, is more than a venue for classes, social activities and special interest groups, because it also offers Health service information, support groups and referrals.

You can use a computer, access the Internet, and hire a room or a badge machine. And if you would like to get involved, in your local community, then there is no better place to meet people. You could join a class or group, become a volunteer, join the committee or share your special skills or interest by tutoring others.

If you need more information on the comings and goings and the goings-on at the Crib Point Community House, then ring 59839888 and our wonderful volunteers will only be too happy to help you.

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House re-opens Monday 23rd January
Cafe Chat Monday 6th February at Cafe 202 - Crib Point

Next market -February 11th 9am - 1pm
For stall bookings please complete application form -Market Application