Public Internet Access

Internet access is available to the general public

So you can surf the net, check your emails, text chat with friends, research information and search for and apply for jobs.

No downloading is allowed!

Surf the Net

Check E-mails

Do job search

Internet use

Chat on Facebook


Apply for Jobs


Guidelines do apply.

For more information or to book access please call 5983-9888.



Census day is August 9th and you will be asked to do your Census online. Don't worry, you'll still get the paperwork but if you want help doing it online, we have the computers, the internet and volunteers to help you log on and they can show you how to use the computer.

Don't worry about your privacy, you put in your personal details, in private, we are only there to help you with technical support.

Help will be available Monday to Thursday, 9am to 2pm. Just call in or phone 5983 9888 for more information.

Latest News

Classes will discontinue till the end of school term under current Covid restriction guidelines.


Next market - September 12 Cancelled

For stall bookings please complete application form -Market Application